Windows USB Installer WindowsToUSB Lite is a very use to have little software which gives you opportunity you to create a bootable USB flash drive or other media from ISO image file, disc or directory containing the Windows OS files installed.

Nowadays, many new desktops and laptops in normal do not come with optical disc drives, and this can be a problem because when you buy a copy of Microsoft's operating system physically in any street store, it comes on a DVD. Installation from USB drive is only option for those with downloaded licenses of Windows or those planning to make simple copies of their installation media with customized pre-installers for multiple PCs. If you want possibility to install it from USB, this application is the perfect choice for getting the job done, providing you with everything you need to done it fast and trouble-free.

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- Password to open archived file: "Protected" (Without quotes)
* This file is archived inside a .rar file. To extract it you need programs like WinRar (Download page).

WindowsToUSB Lite is made with an latest technology process for creating a bootable USB drive, and all inside is intently settled up into a few easily to understand steps. Users are leaded through the process, which requires a novice computing skills. As it's all clearly defined with its user friendly interface, and free of any unnecessary options and distractions. Unlike a lot of competitive tools of these kind, you do not even have to install the software on your device. It is a portable program, which means it can be run without previous installation whether from your local drive or any other external media. All you need is to download it and make it start-up on USB Windows installer. The program is small sized as well, taking up a insensibly space on your storage stick media.


How Process Works

Your first steps is to WindowsToUSB Lite of course. You can do it from this official website for free, and it is only few megabytes of size, so it will take like a few seconds to get it on most internet connections. Once you have it there, you can run the tool immediately and choose a path with your install files. You can choose either an ISO image, directory folder or disk location by selecting the appropriate checking button inside the opened app. If you don't own an ISO file, just select the folder with the unpacked installation files. All you need to do then is insert your flash drive, flash memory card or any other kind of external storage media and select it from the target's drive path. You may need to refresh the list of available drives if you connect one after launching the app. Keep in mind that you will need a stick with at least 8 GB of space. The drive needs to be formatted as well before this process. So make sure that it doesn't contain any files you'd like to keep. (Backup them on your hard disk before this process). Once you have chosen the source and destination path for your OS to install, all you need to do is click the button to get it started, and the software will do the rest of job by itself. This may take a while, depending on the speed of your USB drive and CPU your device have, but you don't need to do anything else after this. Now just relax, grab a coffee and when process gets finished enjoy your new fresh copy of Windows!